"The cursing hedgehog"
The main character himself. This little creature takes everything negatively. He's impatient, snappy, stubborn and bad-mouthed. He curses at everyone and everything and sometimes even without any reason. Even if he furiously drives intruders away from his territory, there is still a soft side under the spines which slips out every now and then. Hedgehog lives in the woods but sometimes ends up lost somewhere else too. Beware!


"The little hedgehog"
The main character´s exact opposite. The little hedgehog is a pet hedgehog ("an african pygmy hedgehog") which sometimes appears on it´s cranky relative´s way. He's just so annoying, over positive, a bouncy little bugger-spineball (is that a word or did I just make it up?). And he´s so cute that it makes you sick!



"The girl hedgehog"
Her personality is very much like Hedgehog's. That might be the reason why they don´t get along very well... The girl is the one that Hedgehog loves and he shows that in his very own hedgehog-style. This Miss hedgehog  is of course a very difficult case (as they say that women usually are...). So there is challenge enough!



"The city hedgehog"
As you can figure from his appearance, the city hedgehog is a really cool fella. Don´t mess with this creature, dude!



"The grandmother hedgehog"
The bad-tempered grandma hedgehog has gone through a lot, as you can see from her spines. In front of her even the Hedgehog gets quiet. A stubborn elderly has her heavy word to say for a thing or another and you can NOT object! She is definitely the boss of the hedgehog family.



The little hedgehog´s friend, Antti, is also a pet: an egyptian longeared hedgehog! Antti is a quiet, simple minded, silly looking creature. He doesn´t understand much about the world but takes it as it is.





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