The hedgehog

The cursing hedgehog

- The cursing hedgehog was born accidentally in autumn 2003 when I had just started my graphic design studies in Vantaa. It was the history of art class and I was kinda bored. So I decided to make some drawings in my notebook. And there it was! A comic strip where a little angry hedhehog refuses to eat worms! I don´t remember where or why it came from but for some reason I wanted to draw it.

- The actual "story" of the Hedgehog began when I got the idea put these strips on the internet. I wasn´t really planning to continue the comic then. But when people started to send me comments and emails asking when I was going to draw some more hedgehog comics I thought "why not?".

- And so I continued. First I published all the strips on web. Then I made little magazines/albums by publishing them myself (actually the very first "album" was made by photocopying pages with my mum´s office´s copymachine and by cutting the pages with scissors... I´m not really proud of it...The next one was luckily printed by a printing house.) I was selling them via internet. There was also a bookstore "Academic bookstore" which sells also self-published comics. These albums came so popular that they even reached 4th place on the TOP 10 best seller book chart in Academic bookstore in january 2007. This hadn´t happened ever before to a self-published comic album.

- In February 2007 the Sammakko publishing house published the first hardcover comic book which was also my thesis as I gratuated as a graphic designer. The album came very popular and a couple of times it has been a number 1 bestseller book in Finland. The second album was published after a year and the third on february 2009. Fourth one came out in spring 2010 and the fifth in 2011. The first album won the price "comics Finlandia" in spring 2008.

- I still keep on drawing hedgehog comics at least until 6th album. Comics are also published in some newspapers, comic magazines and exhibitions  (for now only in Finland. Maybe in future also outside of it!). I´m also planning to make some animations.

-Milla <3


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